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10+ Rug Styling Ideas That You Can Use For Your Home

A chic rug is a final piece needed to bring your furniture into a harmonious whole. However, with so many decorating possibilities, choosing the right bedroom rug that compliments your aesthetics and home decor can be an overwhelming experience. Navigating between options such as rug design, dimension, and texture is not always an easy task. For a rug to infuse the much-needed comfort and luxury underfoot, consider several factors, including room area, the colour of the furniture, foot traffic, and so on.

To help you narrow your bedroom or living area rug choices, we have put together a handy guide to make rug styling and shopping a breeze.

Living room rug styling ideas

  • Select the right material :

    Although concentrating on rug materials and fibre may seem monotonous, it’s important for the comfort and aesthetics of the house. A living room rug‘s material should be soft, durable and able to absorb noise to a great extent. 

  • Rug styling that compliments your interior :

    Consider the design of the room and the possibilities that complement it while looking for carpets for your bedroom. Monochromatic rugs work well with minimalist interiors. You might use a neutral-coloured Persian carpet to decorate your contemporary living area. 

  • Mind the dimensions :

    The right rug size for your area depends on many factors, including furniture, the room’s shape and arrangement, and your styling goals. Measure the rug with painter’s tape to see how it will look on your floor. This will ensure that the rug fits well in your space and enhances the look of your room.

  • Opt for a rug pad :

    Most rug pads are constructed of synthetic rubber-like material to act as a cushion and ensure safety. It maintains your rug in place and stops you from slipping. By adding more cushioning, rug pads can help increase the lifespan of your flooring as it avoids cracks on the floor caused due to dropping of heavy objects.

  • Get the basics right:
    For a living room rug to anchor the room beautifully, the colour and style of your rug should complement at least two or three main colours in the room, especially the colour of your primary furniture. For instance, a patterned rug will go nicely with solid sofa colour. Match the secondary colour in a patterned rug to your sofa and the third rug colour to your pillows or drapes. On the other hand, if your primary furniture is upholstered in a pattern or is elaborate in design, a solid-coloured rug would work perfectly fine.
  • Layer the rug like a pro :

    Layering your living room rugs is a great way to experiment with colour, pattern, and texture. Well-layered rugs can help add dimension and texture while helping to form a visual frame for a space. Doubling down exudes a more lived-in yet polished feeling, no matter the room. 


    Although layering rugs is an art of styling together various colours and designs, getting the hang of it is simple. 

  • Position the rug the right way :

    The placement of a living room rug can make or break the game. In a small living space, the rug should sit in front of a sofa, so there is a narrow strip of floor showing – this makes the room appear lighter and more spacious. This also gives a visual separation between the sofa and side tables. For a big open space, the rug should sit under the front legs of the sofa – or if the rug is big, then both sofas can sit completely atop the rug. Positioning the rug appropriately creates a cosy space without closing off the area to the rest of the room.

  • Add vibrancy to your room with bright and beautiful colours :
    A fresh rug and a few accent pieces make it simple to transform a living room into a beach-themed space. Select a light and airy rug with ocean blues and a pale neutral colour like beige, grey, or white to make the room look bright and lively. 

  • Create a seamless boho look with soft patterns:
    Colours that may overpower your space are muted with rugs. Although bohemian and beach-themed décor particularly look appealing from softly used patterns, their actual power lies in how well they complement any decorating theme to blend well into the room.

  • A black and white rug stands the test of time :

    Your space can embody sophistication with the simple rug styling that features black and white shades. These shades are easy to clean and maintain. Plus, the contrast of dark and light blends your floor’s aesthetic with the rest of your room. Black and white is an undying classic combo that will sustain its contemporary style over the years. 

  • A vintage rug with a modern touch : One decorating style in a living room might make it eventually appear antiquated and worn out. A quick way to create a timeless design is to choose decor with a contemporary feel. Investing in a vintage rug gives your space a texture, contributing to the room’s aesthetics.
  • Infuse the home interiors with regal vibes :
    This is your chance to add some gold accents without replacing your brushed nickel furniture. A subdued gold accent rug is perfect to match the gap between your old and new metal finishes while matching your unique taste.
  • Add warmth and comfort with an area rug:
    An area rug not only brings together all the room elements but also helps the space feel grounded. An area rug acts as a resting place for both body and energy, adding the quintessential cosiness and warmth to your living space.


The first step in selecting the ideal rug for your room is to take precise measurements to determine the total carpet area. Choose a pattern and design that best compliments and adds to the room’s personality. Go modern or bohemian, depending on your preference and the aesthetics you want to create. Setting a

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