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Bedroom Rug Ideas: 7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Space

A bedroom is where you unwind and refuel for the day ahead. As this is a place for rejuvenation, every aspect of your bedroom should assist you in proper rest and calm. A rug in your bedroom can provide warmth and comfort, considering how soft and elegant the surface can make you feel. Your bedroom is a sanctuary and needs a stylish rug to provide a softened look of spring in the middle of winter. 


There are various ways to decorate your bedroom with different rugs by placing them on or around the bed. However, deciding the perfect one for your bedroom becomes difficult with many styles and options. To save you from confusion, we have come up with seven bedroom rug ideas that will help you to brighten up your bedroom and keep it warm at the same time.

7 bedroom rug ideas to brighten up your space

  • Liven up your corners with bohemian style

Bohemian rugs such as Moroccan, Persian, and suzani coral come in bold patterns with bright colours, a style that can be fascinating. These rugs come in various colours, such as orange, red and green, and may give a splash of colour to your bedroom. Brightly coloured rugs on the floor brighten up your space significantly, even if the environment is gloomy or dark.

The beauty and craftsmanship of a white Moroccan rug give a subtle look to your Bohemian-style bedroom. Apart from that, going for a neutral or off-white coloured rug can make your bedroom look lively and be decorated in many other ways.

  • Stay warm with faux sheepskin rugs

Fur and Faux rugs have always been in trend for years. These sheepskin bedroom rugs have insulating properties, keeping you warm regardless of the temperature. Hence, they are considered perfect for winter. These rugs are very common in white but also available in shades of blue, pink, or grey.

You can also decorate your bedroom with such small faux rugs by keeping them under the pillows. If you have a beanbag chair in your bedroom, you can cover it with these sheepskin bedroom rugs. Choosing decor with a modern feel is a simple approach to design timelessly.

  • Make a trend with pastels

Pastel bedroom rugs are soothing and tranquil, giving you a pleasant experience. This is because pastel colours are less saturated than any other colours. Add a soft pink, blue, or mint green rug underneath your bed to brighten up your bedroom. You can place small, pastel-coloured carpets in front of your wardrobe and the desk for your study. 

The vibrant colours and big patterns would be too much for your bedroom furniture, but if you strike the right one, you will end up with a perfectly blended yet colourful bedroom. 

  • Stripes are always sophisticated

The striped bedroom rugs always look classic and are easy to maintain. They never go out of fashion and can be cleaned easily. Striped bedroom rugs make your room look bigger. Simple striped rugs add a beautiful touch without dominating space and are a fantastic option for a bedroom where establishing a relaxing ambience is important. 

Stripes may draw the eye in another direction and add structure and order to an area. Striped rugs go pretty well with all types of decorations. Not only that, but they are also beneficial in hiding stains and spots.

  • Don’t be afraid of odd colours; mix them!

If different types of bedroom rugs are matched together in the right way, it radiates the beauty of your room and makes it look vivid and colourful. The easiest way to mix rugs is to use the same type of solid jute rugs. If you adore vibrant colours and patterns but are hesitant to use them across your home, adding them through textiles and soft furnishings rugs might be a wonderful option, it can quickly bring life to a neutral colour scheme.

You can also try using different coloured long rectangular rugs to get that colourful vibe. Furthermore, you can also mix and match contrasting designs and colours. This is an ideal option for those who have a large bedroom.

  • Experience the calm with whites

You can never go wrong with white traditional white bedroom ideas if you’re trying to make a place of peace where you can retire after a hard day. This white rug is placed below the bed and has a pretty deep pile, providing plush softness when you wake up in the morning. It also contrasts with the dark comforter.

It adds texture and warmth to the floor and maybe a little addition or the main attraction. Pick a “pattern” that stands out in addition to a beautiful shade of white. A vibrantly patterned rug serves as the focal point, and a bland pattern with no boundaries helps the room’s design flow. It is well decorated, and the furnished rooms flow together logically thanks in part to the positioning of the furniture.

  • Vintage feel for classic bedroom

Vintage bedroom rugs are very aesthetic, with a touch of modern designs. Kashmiri rugs are specifically known for their handmade artwork and are perfect for creating a vintage look for your bedroom. Traditional Persian bedroom rugs, Swedish bedroom rugs, or traditional Moroccan bedroom rugs are famous for their artworks; thus, they can create a pleasant atmosphere in your room.

Rugs may also soften a design plan, particularly in rustic vintage bedrooms. The rugs may offer a sense of cosiness to a room that is otherwise devoid of colour and has distressed finishes, floors and dark shades.

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