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Unraveling the Artistry Behind JAVI Home - India's Premier Rug Designer, Manufacturer & Exporter

Welcome to JAVI Home, a renowned rug manufacturer and exporter, specializing in exquisite handmade rugs from India. With our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, we have gained recognition not only in our home country but also among discerning rug enthusiasts in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, UAE, Spain, and many more. Discover the artistry, quality, and elegance that defines JAVI Home.

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Our Vision

Redefining Elegance with Handmade Rugs from India

At JAVI Home, we envision redefining elegance through exquisite rugs that captivate. With innovative designs, intricate patterns, and luxurious textures, our mission is to transcend trends, creating timeless masterpieces that enhance the beauty of every space.


Our Mission

Crafting Quality Rugs for 71 Countries

At JAVI Home, we are on a mission to craft excellence in every rug we create. Through meticulous attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and the use of finest materials, we aim to exceed customer expectations. Our rugs evoke joy and sophistication, enriching homes and inspiring interior spaces worldwide.

Our Infrastructure

With state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled workforce, our rug manufacturing process is at the forefront of quality and precision. From hand-knotting to hand-tufting, we employ the finest techniques to ensure each rug is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At JAVI Home, we firmly believe in making a positive impact on society. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are aimed at creating sustainable change and uplifting communities. We actively support social and environmental causes, promote fair trade practices, and work towards empowering artisans and craftsmen. With every rug we produce, we strive to create a better world and leave a lasting legacy of positive change.

Women Empowerment

JAVI Home empowers women through skills building, fostering self-esteem, providing access to resources, and promoting community action. We believe in positioning women as confident decision-makers and leaders in their homes and communities. 

Anti Child Labour

JAVI Home actively addresses the global issue of child labor. Collaborating with local authorities, teachers, employers, parents, and child-labor-free zones in India, Africa, and Latin America, we strive to eliminate child labor by ensuring children’s access to education and a safe environment.

Sustainable Approach

JAVI Home adopts a sustainable approach, recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility. By implementing green practices such as solar energy and going paperless, we not only contribute to a healthier planet but also benefit financially.


Ensuring the well-being of our employees is paramount at JAVI Home. We prioritize proper sanitation and healthcare, providing a safe working environment. Our commitment to employee health and safety is a cornerstone of our operations.

Our Certifications

At JAVI Home, we are proud holders of industry-recognized certifications. These validate our commitment to excellence, environmental stewardship, fair trade practices, and social responsibility.

Blogs & Articles

Stay informed and inspired with our blog. Discover the latest trends in carpet design, interior décor tips, and insights into the art of carpet manufacturing. As one of the premiere rug manufacturers in India, we provide valuable information for design enthusiasts, industry professionals, and those seeking knowledge in the world of carpets.

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