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Tips to consider while choosing a rug for your living room

Given the variety of colors, patterns, and materials available, picking the ideal rug for your living room may seem difficult. In addition to coordinating the rug with the rest of your furnishings and walls, the color should complement your room rather than overpower it. Although similar tones work well, and there is no requirement for an exact match, rugs function best when they reflect colors utilized in other parts of the living room. Adding a rug completes the space’s aesthetic and gives your living room a classy look.

You wouldn’t realize how tough choosing one rug over another may be until you are about to buy one and you are faced with a variety of stunning hues, textures, fabrics, sizes, and other features. We addressed every aspect concerning rugs in this post so that you can choose the right rug for your Living Room.

Everything to keep in mind when selecting a rug

Rugs come in different colors and prints bringing elegance and unassuming comfort. Look for the appropriate rug that accentuates your present style. Therefore, the following advice will help you select the ideal rug for your living room.

  • Think about your lifestyle 

    You should be aware of your lifestyle before considering options for your living rug. The way you live and your expectations for the rug depend entirely on you. For instance, consider your preferences. Is it glamorous or comfortable? How long do you usually stay there? Do you even need a new rug, or is the one you have sufficient for your needs?

    Before you decide, be sure to give each of these considerable considerations. Otherwise, you run the risk of making a mistake and wasting your money, and we know that you certainly don’t want to waste your money.

  • Choose the correct rug size

    The area rug joins the space by giving freedom for positioning the furniture. So if the rug is too small, the room may appear smaller than it is, with a cold, unwelcoming feeling, or it may look disjointed and disorganized. Think about the rug’s size in relation to the entire room. 

    The area rug must be large enough to accommodate the front couch legs. Also, If you have lovely hardwood flooring, you should allow at least a foot of space so they can be seen. 

  • Rug texture

    The blunder many people like to commit is comparing the textures of many rugs before choosing one. That can be difficult for you because practically all textures are wonderful. It is advisable to choose an all-wool alternative if your living room is frequently used or if pets are present because it may survive for years before any physical changes are discovered. Wool rugs also provide warmth for your pets.


    Silk is an additional choice; it is lovely and silky but difficult to clean. Additionally, it is fairly costly. So, choose a texture that won’t be prohibitively pricey or challenging for you to maintain.

  • Look for the colors & textures

    Check if your new rug compliments the space’s colour scheme. Otherwise, it won’t be able to unify the space and can even hinder the overall design. You should also choose between a rug with prints and a solid one. This will partly depend on the other pieces of furniture and room accents. 

    A rug with striking patterns and vibrant colours is frequently a wise choice. You can make a great focal point in the room by picking a lively rug. Make sure you try to match the rug’s colours with the rest of the room’s decor. Otherwise, you could also end up with a visually cluttered room. 

    Rugs with three dimensions are also gaining popularity in the home design world. They provide a comfortable and opulent method to give your living room a 3D touch. Powder-pink and baby blue rugs are becoming more and more popular if you want a light tone. These hues are ideal for updating spring or summer decor, especially for shaggy rugs or those with a hint of shine.

  • Quality rugs

    A rug loses its appeal if it is difficult to clean and gets stained even after light use. Choose a stain-resistant living room rug or one with natural fiber when buying rugs for high-traffic areas like front rooms. You need a washable rug if you have kids or pets because they tend to get the rugs dirty quickly. If you have pets, keep in mind that dark colors will cover scratches and stains, and thus the right choice for your living area. 


    Consider performing a thorough cleaning on your rugs once a year to eliminate bacteria and stubborn stains that have penetrated too deeply for normal vacuuming or washing. Use indoor rugs that don’t need professional cleaning, which are more child and pet-friendly, or simple-to-clean outdoor rugs.

  • Consider shag piles for added comfort

    Shag pile rugs, often known as “shaggy” rugs, are quite deep and dense, making them widely used for enhancing comfort and texture in any space. Shag heaps, which may be made from natural and synthetic fibers, are incredibly common and quickly make any floor more comfortable.

Final thoughts

The rug is no longer a luxury item. It adds cosiness and comfort while giving your living space a lovely and distinctive atmosphere. Consider adequate upkeep and frequent cleaning while choosing the ideal one for your living room. If not, it will entirely damage the atmosphere of that room rather than making it more comfortable.

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