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Rug Manufacturing Process – Weaving (Jacquard Woven Rug)

As already discussed, the weaving process follows the dyeing of yarns. There is a different weaving process employed for the different types of rugs you are setting out to create. Here is a glimpse into the weaving process we at Javi Home follow for Hand-Tufted, Jacquard Rug, and Leather rugs –  

1.Hand-Tufted Rug – 

The hand-tufted rugs consist of a foundation cloth which is actually a pre-woven fabric with small squares. This cloth is hung at an elevated level and stretched tightly. A tufting gun operated manually is used to tuft the woolen pile into the fabric. The weaver tufts the yarn into the fabric according to the design. Finally, the pile is created by cutting the excess yarn off.

Hand-Tufted Rug

2. Jacquard Woven Rug – 

The Jacquard weaving process is facilitated with a loom that raises each warp thread separately. The involvement of a loom makes weaving a swift process. For the design, the pattern that is to be created on the fabric is incorporated in the weaving process itself instead of being dyed or printed externally. The Jacquard woven Rug provides the flexibility of combining different shades of colors and types of threads. 

Jacquard Woven Rug

3. Leather Patchwork Rugs– 

One of the easiest and simplest techniques is employed to create leather patchwork rugs. Raw Leather is cut into the required pattern for the rug. These patchworks are then stitched together to make the rug.   

Leather Patchwork Rugs

After the rug is weaved, the next step consists of strengthening the carpet with the help of a backing.  

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