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Rug Manufacturing Process – Weaving

Rugs Weaving

After the process of dyeing the yarns is completed, the next process consists of weaving the yarns together to form the carpet. The process of weaving is not just a mechanical process but rather reflects the values and culture of a place which are often embraided on the fabric by the weaver. The weaving process imparts a unique story to the carpet. There are different weaving techniques that are employed depending on the type of carpet being produced. At Javi Home, a few of the Rugs weaving processes that are followed are –  

Pit-Loom Weaving

The Pit-Loom weaving procedure consists of a pit below the loom which is used for shedding purposes. Between the two layers of warp threads used for weaving, a shed is produced with the help of harnesses. These harnesses are connected with paddles inside the pit which are used for shedding. Wefts are inserted in the shed. The warp threads are put one over the other in layers so that the shuttle could pass through them.  

Panja-Loom Weaving 

For the Panja-Loom weaving process, a warp with two layers is used. This warp is passed through a flat metallic reed that steers the way for the thread by keeping them equidistant from each other. This whole setup is looked upon by weavers facing the warp who then focus on imprinting the design over the rug. This is done by pulling a fixed number of warp threads towards themselves and putting the weft across the warp to fill the gap. After the completion of each row, panja is used to settle the threads tightly to the warp. Post this, the upper and lower layers of the warp are exchanged using kamana and rucch, locking the weft between the layers imparting strength to the rug. To make the rug more sharp and solid, the warp is periodically tightened with the help of beams.  

Hand-Loom Weaving

A Handloom carpet is woven on a loom that holds the warp in place and makes way for the weft to be interwoven together. To interlock each layer, a shuttle is moved across with the pedal. If a multicolored rug has to be woven then the color of the yarn is changed according to the design. This is also done by blending the loop and cut pile which provides a unique color effect to the rugs. 

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