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Carpet Manufacturers in the UK

Looking For Carpet Manufacturer Uk – The demand for carpets and rugs made by primarily weaving or tufting wool, cotton, and man-made fabrics is very high in the United Kingdom. The sector only seems to grow from where it is now, thanks to the buoyant housing market of the UK. Javi Home with its premier range of trendy and up-to-date carpet collections has been a leading carpet and rug dealer in the UK’s wide carpet and floorcovering market. With 300+ collection range that expanse over a broad spectrum of the types of rugs viz. Hand-made, Hand-tufted, Hand-loomed, Knotted, etc., Javi Home aims to provide variety to their customers in the UK. The current consumer trend in the UK is focused on floor coverings that are easy to clean, modern, and fresh. Javi Home’s carpet collections are regularly updated and modernized to help the retailers meet the demands of their customers. Our website is also updated with a ‘Rug Guide’ which can help the customers to take care of the rugs to increase their longevity. As Carpet Manufacturer UK in the UK Rug Market is expected to witness a growth of 11.3% in 2022, we at Javi Home with our ever-expanding range of rug collections plan to contribute towards it by providing premium quality rugs that are tailor-made for modern homes.

Who Is The Best Carpet Manufacturer In UK-

Looking for the best Carpet Manufacturer In UK? Your search ends with Javi Home. Javi Home is one of the premier rugs and carpet manufacturing companies serving in the UK. Operating from the large rug manufacturing facility in Haryana, India, Javi Home has been providing its services to several large-scale retailers, importers, and wholesalers in more than 67 countries. Javi Home has been catering to the varied demands of rugs in the UK with the variety of product ranges that we offer. Dealing in multiple rug types based on the material used, design, pattern, fabric, a technique employed, etc., each rug piece is unique and contributes generously to the charm of an interior. Due to this factor, we have been able to create a niche for our products in the UK Rug Manufacturing market. The growth in the demand for our products from UK retailers and wholesalers has grown exponentially in the last decade. We at Javi Home understand the requirement of the UK rug market that is heavily dominated by the demand for rugs that are made by weaving or tufting wool, cotton, and other man-made fabrics, and to meet these standards our artisans work day in and out to provide the best quality carpets in the market.

Types of Rugs in UK –

Rugs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. A few minor amendments in the ways of the construction result in creating different carpet styles and types. The main types of Rugs In UK can be categorized as tufted carpets and woven carpets.

Tufted Carpets –

The tufted carpets are made by punching yarn through a woven backing with needles which is later supplemented by a secondary backing to keep it in place. This manufacturing process is one of the quickest and offers an extensive range of beautiful textures and patterns. The unique selling point of the tufted carpet type is that they are made using any yarn type and are available at a reasonable and affordable price

Woven Carpets –

The woven carpets which are made with the highest quality material are made in the traditional way which involves using a loom. The loom weaves the back and front of the carpet and makes way for an impressive range of patterns and colors. These two broad categories of rugs coupled with a few changes here and there are famous in the UK.

Javi Home with its extensive in-house facility manufactures these types of rugs for the UK Rug market. A host of retailers, wholesalers, and rug dealers in the UK are our constant customers who sell these products later, out in the UK rug market

Luxury Designer Rugs in UK

Rugs bring along royalty and sheen to an interior. In the UK, luxury designer rugs have been in style for years because of the voguish statement that they make. Made with precision and extra attention to detail, these luxury designer rugs in UK are unique. Javi Home caters to the demands of UK rug markets when it comes to luxury designer rugs with its extensive range of such products. Made keeping in mind the traditional and widely accepted rug types and designs, these luxury designer rugs are

synchronized with the popular demand to make them fit just right in modern-day homes. The luxury designer rugs made by Javi Home for the UK rug market are conceptualized by expert designers who bring together their extensive knowledge of print, fashion, art, architecture, interior in one place to make marvelous rugs that feel like they are tailor-made for one’s abode.

What type of carpets are made in the UK

The UK Rug Market is consistently growing and expanding in terms of size and products that are offered. The varied types of rugs that are found in the UK rug market range from Shaggy rugs, Traditional rugs, to Moroccan rugs, etc

Shaggy Rugs – Shaggy rugs are made with a combination of yarns which create more innovative and interesting textures that are widely accepted by the customer in the UK. The longer pile range shag rugs are the UK’s favorite choice of rugs for living room, lounge, dining room, bedroom, etc.

Traditional Rugs – The traditional rugs are timeless and classic and that is also the reason why people still choose to have them for their place. The ancient designs scripted on Traditional rugs are borrowed from the culture of Persia, India, China and they effortlessly blend well in traditional and modern-day homes. Another factor that increases their popularity is how they can effectively handle the traffic-prone areas of a room.

Moroccan Rugs – The Moroccan rugs infuse a stylish and sophisticated look to interiors. The great blend of modern and ethnic design and style in the patterns of Moroccan rugs make them a perfect flooring accessory.

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We at Javi Home have a wide number of collection ranges that cover these types of rugs. Our range of Shaggy rugs, Traditional rugs, Moroccan rugs, Geometric rugs, etc. is widely loved by our customers across the globe. In the last decade, we have catered to a wide nexus of retailers in 67+ countries. The UK is home to many of our current buyers and with our new updated collections, we aim to bring more fresh and exotic product collections to the UK rug market.

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