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Moroccan Rugs & All You Need to Know About Them

Moroccan style rugs have originated from Morocco. Traditionally hand-woven they were valued so much in the Moroccan culture that they were used in palaces and sacred places.  The indigenous people of Morocco started creating rugs for the sole purpose of utility, but the practice has now become a tradition, an art.  The native Moroccans adopted the rug-making art to deal with the distinctive climate of that area. The thick rugs with a heavy pile came handy for the people living towards the snowcapped Atlas Mountains and for those living near the Sahara Desert, the flat-woven, light rugs were a boon. Moreover, the nomadic Moroccans and Berber tribes used these rugs as bed coverings, sleeping mats, saddle blankets etc.  

Moroccan Rugs Design & Appearance

Moroccan rugs are typically very simple in design and appearance. The colours of these rugs vary from neutral shades to popping hues based on the creativity and liking of the artisan. Renowned for their floral, diamond-shaped elements and Turkish motifs, these rugs also encompass geometric and expressive, free-flow patterns. The decorative flexibility of these vintage, antique rugs is the reason behind their popularity in modern decors. The authenticity of Moroccan rugs is driven by their plush textures and beautiful patterns that lend a unique look to a space. Each rug pattern tells a tale only if you are ready to witness and notice it.  

Passed down from generations, these rugs carry with them a legacy of true folk art. Based on the regional differences, there are various styles, shapes, and weaving techniques that breed a wide variety of Moroccan Rugs. They can broadly be classified as Beni Ouarain Berber rugs, Azilal Berber rugs, Boujad Berber rugs, Tazenakht Berber rugs among others.   

Moroccan rugs are a very modern type of floor covering which is extremely comfortable and cozy underfoot. With the advancement in technology all around the world, the traditional Moroccan rugs are both machine-made and hand made. Generally manufactured in small sizes they are portable, lightweight and very convenient to maintain.  

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