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Best Carpet/Rug Manufacturer & Supplier In USA

Carpets/Rugs are used for their aesthetic appeal and their functional properties in a household. In addition to that, carpets also provide a protective layer for floors. These benefits of rugs can be attributed to the fact that people have a high inclination towards introducing a rug in their home in the USA. Encouraging the rug market growth, these factors have given a boost to Carpet/Rug manufacturer in USA. The carpet industry in the USA is dominated by Rug/Carpet manufacturers and dealers. Javi Home is one of the leading rug exporters to the United States. Javi Home has developed an expansive collection for their vast rug collections by forming relationships with leading dealers and distributors in the United States rug market. The Javi Home rugs are therefore manufactured in the in-house facility in Haryana, India where a lot of skilled artisans spend days in working on the minute details of these rugs. These rugs are then later transported to the carpet dealers and retailers in the USA.  

Rug Manufacturing Companies in USA –

The demand for rugs in the global market has increased exponentially over the last few years. So much so that the global carpets and rugs market is projected to reach USD 112.69 Billion by 2022. The USA market also seems to tread the same line in terms of rug demand. Javi Home has been a predominant supplier to the Rug market in USA. Dealing in all types of rugs from handwoven to handknitted to many other types based on different techniques and, Javi Home has been catering to various large-scale rug importers, wholesalers, and retailers in materials the USA. Operating from the large rug manufacturing facility in Haryana, India, Javi Home’s team of artisans spend days of toil to bring out the finesse in each rug piece. With over 300+ collection ranges of trendy and premium quality rugs, Javi Home is the first choice of rug dealers for the Best rugs in USA.    

Where are Carpets/Rugs made in the USA?

The carpet manufacturing industry in the USA encompasses raw material suppliers, Carpet manufacturing companies, importers, exporters, etc. Javi Home is one of the leading Carpet manufacturers in India. With expertise in creating rugs that accentuate the look-how of a place, Javi Home has been exporting rugs all over the world. Marketing a variety of rugs like pit loom, handwoven, handknitted, etc., made up of different materials, Javi Home has been a major carpet manufacturer In USA contributing to the wide rug market in USA.  Dealing in a variety of rugs, Javi Home has been in the interior industry for more than ten years now. Functioning directly from their carpet manufacturing facility in Haryana, India, Javi Home ensures that their products are the latest in design, style and made just right to fit in modern-day homes. Giving stiff competition to the carpet manufacturers in USA, Javi Home is the ideal choice of rug importers in USA. 

Custom Rug Manufacturer in USA –

Rugs come in different shapes and sizes. You introduce them to a setting and voila, they can magically transform the look. The characteristics of a rug like size are of utmost importance for a little difference in the requirement and the size of the rug at hand can create a bizarre look for your space. However, the flexibility that comes with Custom Rugs Manufactured In USA, irons out these loopholes and many more. The USA hosts an extensive market for Custom made rugs. These rugs are made exclusively keeping in mind the requirement of the customer. The design, pattern, fabric is left up to the customer to decide. These custom-Hand made rugs also encompass handmade rugs because of the uniqueness that these rugs carry. The extensive market of Custom Rug Manufacturers in USAmakes it easier for customers to get exactly what they desire for their space. Contributing to this wide expanse of creative and Customized rugs in the USA, Javi Home has been catering to rug dealers for a decade.   

Types Of Rugs Manufactured In USA

Over the years, The demand for high-quality carpets with engaging colours and designs has grown dramatically in the US rug market over the years. Various factors, such as weave type, material utilized, price level, machine-made or hand-made, and so on, can be used to categorize these rugs. The area rugs manufactured in USA can be firstly categorized based on whether they are hand-made or machine-made. The Handmade area rugs made in USA have an edge over the machine-made ones as they are considered to be more durable and long-lasting. Moreover, hand-made rugs are one of a kind and offer a unique look. Moving on to the weave type, there are different types of area rugs that are manufactured in the USA. For instance, handloom, hand-tufted, textured flatwoven, knotted, knitted, etc. The difference in the style of weaving and technique employed to create these rugs results in unique end products. The characteristics and utility of rugs is also based on the material that is used in creating them. The Area Rug Manufacturers in USA, use a wide range of materials like Nylon, Wool, Cotton, Silk, Polypropylene, Polyester, etc. The carpet fibers are determinant of their performance in terms of durability, strength, stain and moisture resistance, etc. Carpet Manufacturers in USA, therefore deal in these varieties of rugs as per the demands and requirements of the customers. Javi Home with its 300+ collections has been a major contributor to the carpet industry in the USA.  

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