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The Benefits of Handmade Rugs over Machine-made Rugs

A symbol of luxury and comfort, rugs can make a world of difference to any space. A Machine-made rug has the ability to spruce up a place by adding dimension and excitement. It is as soothing to the feet as it is a treat to the eyes. While the need for a rug is not up for debate, the selection of one is a task that often leaves amateurs on the subject disarrayed at the scope of variety it offers and often heavily confused about what criteria to consider a purchase. It is of course an investment, thus selecting the right one is crucial.

Handmade Rugs Vs Machine Made Rugs

One should figure out their individual aesthetic and design inclinations of their furniture in order to select that of the rug. Whether they are going ahead with a theme that will be complemented by traditional, modern, or fusion rug designs, or whether it should be a minimalistic design or a bold, vibrant pattern is based upon the rest of the furniture design. Depending on personal choice, one can either select a rug that is versatile enough or have the rug as the accent piece and choose to go with a pattern that stands out.  

Then comes the matter of the aftercare. Rugs require regular and professional cleaning depending on the material it is made out of. If not cleaned properly, for example in the case of moisture retention, it will not only give a foul odor but will also be extremely unhygienic for the ones utilizing the space. Apart from the design, size, and aftercare, a rug in its basic functional sense is there to provide comfort. Therefore, one should evaluate how comforting it is to touch. The last part would be one’s lifestyle. The floor takes up most of the space.  So, if there are children in the house or pets maybe, that would make a difference in selecting the right kind of customized rug.

Hand-made rugs are weaved individually by knotting the fibers into each other by the hands of skilled artisans. Wool and silk are the material that usually goes into this process, while its quality is defined by the two ways in which they are weaved, “hand-knotting” & “hand-tufting”. Although at a glance these two methods of making rugs by hand do not seem to make that much of a difference, “hand-knotted” rugs are made on a specialized loom where each thread is knotted into the wool, while the hand-tufted one uses a mechanical tool to attach the fiber without knotting them. There, the machine does most of the hard labor, which is why hand-tufted rugs can be prepared within a few days as compared to the hand-knotted ones.

Now, machine-made rugs are completely different than any one of these. While they mostly use synthetic fibers, the entire process of manufacturing relies on fully automated machinery like the power loom. It is extremely cheap since it is produced with minimum effort and time. This is because the fibers are attached and held together by adhesives rather than being knotted into each other. 

Hand-Knotted Rugs Over Machine Made Rugs

There are several perks of using “hand-knotted” rugs over “Machine-made” ones. The Hand-made or knotted ones are known to be superior in quality and longevity due to the fibers being attached to each other. This helps hand-knotted rugs to maintain their form for longer compared to machine-made ones. The threads of the machine-made rugs have a tendency to come undone with time due to the adhesive deteriorating. 

At the same time, since the hand-made rugs are produced by skilled artisans, each one often carries a unique design that tells the story of the weaver himself. So, the ones out there yearning for an exotic and bold touch to their interior must go for a hand-made piece. Its durability is again marked by the after-care it requires. 

hand-made rug although takes a bit of extra time to dry off, unlike machine-made ones these can be cleaned thoroughly, which ultimately preserves the state of the rug for longer! On top of that, machine-made rugs use artificial dyes which include toxins that can cause harm especially since the item in question is something that comes in contact directly with one’s skin more often than you would think. Even if that is not a concern, for a household that has pets or children this might be a significant point to ponder.

All in all, the organic nature of hand-made rugs is something that helps it to stand out. If you like an ambiance that is natural and toxin-free then your choice to go for hand-made rugs is the best thing for your house. 

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