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Carpet Trends For 2021

In terms of culture, the upcoming carpet Trends 2021 is expected to have a few distinct designs based on the event which may have occurred in recent years. The growing respect for “old world” charm, minimalism, environmental awareness, and health consciousness has seeped many elements of our way of life. Therefore, when it comes to consumption, people of 2021 will be influenced more than ever to choose unique vintage or retro designs that nod back to iconic moments throughout history, eco-friendly designs that scream one’s depth of character or individualism and finally simplicity, naturalness that complements the modern lifestyle. The question is, how will this shifting mindset of the consumer reflect upon their choice of a rug?

Vintage Carpet Trends 2021

The vintage trend will be explored by different people in a variety of different ways. While some will borrow bold patterns and bright colors from the 60s and 70s, the others will gravitate towards the “aged” effect assured to soothe the eye and add a bohemian touch to an otherwise mundane city life.
The afore-said vibrant colors and patterns will be selected to add excitement, joy and uniqueness to one’s home, especially since all of us will evidently be spending more time indoors during the pandemic. Mixing and layering patterns that otherwise would clash with each other will be seen as expressing one’s unique self and paying homage to an equally loud era gone by.


Pandemic or no pandemic, climate change has been a rising topic for a while now. This has been affecting the conscience of consumers and manufacturers equally, pushing both parties to find alternatives to carpets made from cheap toxic material that uses equally deadly procedures for effective production. Thus, we will continue to see “Recycled carpets”, “Sisal carpets”, “Jute Rugs” that not only brings the countryside that we all miss inside, but also ease our conscience by having made judicious efforts to save the environment.

Recycled carpets are made from plastic fibers like nylon, polyester that are discarded. On top of that, there are ways to make colorful carpets out of recycled plastic bottles. This is sure to attract many forward thinkers due to its sustainable and non-toxic approach.

Sisal fibers are another godsend that is derived from “Agave Sisalana”. It is not only natural and toxin-free but is also superior to choir in strength, durability, ability to stretch and easily dyed. Apart from this, it gives a much sorted after rough-rugged look that is pleasing to the modern aesthetic.

Jute rugs again made from plant fibers and have an equally bohemian-natural but comparatively less rugged look. These are also great in durability and are soft and refined enough to decorate an elegant space.


Simple floral and clean-cut geometric prints will reflect the yearning of the consumer for an uncomplicated life. Therefore, while exotic vibrancy is sorted after, one will be more determined to add a soothing and unwinding tone to their homes amidst chaotic times.

Health & wellness

The days of “Beauty is agony” are long gone. As the customer view is promptly shifting towards calmness, comfort, and good health, what they look for in their carpet purchase is bound to take the shape of this philosophy as well. Therefore, luxuriously soft and plush carpets made out of toxin, allergy free and easy to maintain materials will be the new rage. In India, there are a lot of manufacturers dealing in handmade rugs which are organic and a fresh alternative for those who not only prioritize aesthetics but health also.

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In conclusion, carpet trends for 2021 will be centered around inspiring better, more wholesome living for a society which is constantly struggling to stand out and add more depth and dimension to their character.

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