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Halton Collection

The Halton Collection is hand-tufted of wool and polyester. This range offers extreme comfort underfoot. The patterns are inspired by natural beauty. The enduring textures of this series can enliven any space. The vivacity of this collection is heightened due to its very pleasing color palette.

Halton HTN 01 Ivory.Graphite160x230
HTN - 01
Ivory Graphite
Halton HTN 02 Ivory.Cub160x230
HTN - 02
Ivory Cub
Halton HTN 03 Ivory.Silver160x230
HTN - 03
Ivory Silver
Halton HTN 04 Ivory.Marine160x230
HTN - 04
Ivory Marine
Halton HTN 05 Ivory.Taupe160x230
HTN - 05
Ivory Taupe