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Bolton Collection

Modern design techniques meet old-world beauty in the beautiful Bolton collection. Created using the Punja weave of wool and viscose. Bolton’s designs take cues from ancient rugs yet update the look through purposeful distressing in the pattern with an updated color palette tailored for today’s homes.

Bolton BLT 83Graphite.Mustard160x230 copy
BLT - 83
Graphite Mustard
Bolton BLT 81Beige.Grey160x230 copy
BLT - 81
Beige Grey
Bolton BLT 49Charcoal.Grey160x230 copy
BLT - 49
Charcoal Grey
Bolton BLT 67Grey.Gold160x230 copy
BLT - 67
Grey gold
Bolton BLT 55Marine160x230 copy
BLT - 55
Bolton BLT 47Silver.Brown160x230 copy 1
BLT - 47
Silver Brown