Javi’s customized rugs are born from the symbiosis between workmanship, design, and high technology, which gives endless opportunities in terms of style, size and space. 

Step I

Customisation Corner

Step II

Rug visions become Reality

Step III

Grandeur only takes 6-8 weeks!

Step IV

Show off your centerpiece

Customisation Corner

Make a carpet call to our in-house Javi consultants/experts who render excellent care and constitute your carpet preference as their utmost priority. Here we work on effectuating your artistic picking, inspiration, painting, and illustration with the preferred shape, size, colour and get working your tailoring your dream rug. Inspiration may strike from various sources, ranging from a pattern on a decorative piece to a room you saw on the internet. We also suggest browsing the Javi website with over 5000+ designs since any of our collections may be altered to fit your demands.

Measure your muse with Javi

Your confident ornamental vision is our key to magnificence. Javi believes that richness springs to mind as the customer takes in details of their surroundings, and we have set out on a personal mission to act on your creative stimulus. Share your inspiring art piece/work, illustration, and color scheme with us, and watch us prompt it into perfection.

Rug visions become Reality

We see your tasteful custom choices and raise you custom quality!

This is the last stop before the wool hits the loom. Now that our consultants/experts have visual clarity of your creative vision, we promise to stay in touch for further detailing. During this design and creation phase, our consultants will tirelessly aim to rope in any modifications or restyling through constant communication and updates. Your final approval means everything to us; the ultimate artwork illustrating your preferred scale of the design will be sealed here.

We want you to be as thrilled as we are for building your one-of-a-kind classic heirloom

Grandeur only takes 6-8 weeks!

Your dream design is now ready to be shared with our artisans, who are determined to transform your customisation into reality. Javi artisans weave radiance into originality with the greatest forethought and care. From stringing the loom to setting the frame, our skilled craftspersons vow to pick the suitable dye, yarn, method and technique. The pre-planned designs are now woven to exquisiteness with deft to earn your satisfaction.

From our loom to your designated room, we warrant over 6-8 weeks of flawless manufacturing in our loom house.

Show off your centrepiece

We are highly boastful of customer satisfaction and would love to share your prolific taste in rugs with the world. We design for it to not only appear inviting but also opulent. Capture your Javi carpet at its best and get featured on our website.

Upload Your Design

Why choose Javi’s Customisation?

Creating and sustaining a good interior design plan is a daily challenge for the style-conscious homeowner. It would be a tragedy, therefore, if a well-planned concept were to be wrecked by a poor rug selection. Javi understands the fret over finding the perfect floor companion and bridges that gap with its custom rugs assistance and manufacture. We are focused on delivering exceptional rugs that cater to your color, pattern, material, and size requirements.

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